A Photographer's Notebook


Nightlife of a Fuji x100t

Fuji x100t, Adam HendrikI dread the party, the  photographers with the taped Tupperware covering their Speedlight flash, the big ugly camera, obtrusive, fake smiles, ladies chin dip, bimbo lip puff. It’s not documentation. There isn’t honesty or a pride in workmanship. Just a glittering Facebook profile picture ramping up the ‘like’ ticker.

I was asked to shoot this party last minute, so Fuji x100t, Adam HendrikI ran down Thursday evening, with my x100t hung around my neck, anticipating the open bar. I am thankful the x100t is compact and easy to handle with one hand while holding a beer in the  other. With the aperture set, and the iso, I am able to squeeze the camera body with my right hand, and using my thumb and forefinger, turn the shutter speed dial to modulate exposure. It Fuji x100t, Adam Hendrikprobably would be better to compensate for the changing light by using the aperture dial, or the iso, or even shoot automatic now that I’m thinking about it. But, I prefer consistent bokeh over a consistent shutter speed, and I prefer to shoot one handed. I believe that good style is based on character and character is based on necessity. By using odd shutter speeds, because I want to hold a beer and shoot wide open, character is a default and the style of this series comes  off natural. Like a good portrait, honesty is key. I want to capture the party as is, not as the subject thinks is.

I shot all jpeg again, no raw, and no hassle. My favourites were instantly sent to my Fuji x100t, Adam Hendrikphone via Fuji’s camera connect feature, and emailed to my client the same night – easy. The thing is, not every picture turns out this way. I made two  observations: A theme emerged after my first edit – standing in the dark with my x100t placed against my face, waiting, waiting, for human interaction – then click; secondly: having relied on the image salvaging capabilities of raw for so long, I realized my accuracy using photographic fundamentals are weak.


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